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Scarlett Johansson – Not Just a Pretty Face

By Natalie McConnel

    World-renowned actress, Scarlett Johansson has captured audiences since a young age and continues to fill the pages of Vanity Fair, GQ and Esquire magazines, however it is not just her looks or acting skills that make Miss Johansson an object of affection.  Few celebrities invest as much time and effort into charities as Scarlett Johansson; she leaves her Hollywood lifestyle behind to bring awareness to causes all around the world.  In 2004, Johansson became an official ambassador for Oxfam – a charity that supports healthcare, domestic, education projects and many other charities worldwide.  With Oxfam Johansson has traveled to Africa and South Asia—she even skipped the 2007 Oscars to take on campaigns for healthcare and against domestic violence in India and Sri Lanka.  Now that is dedication.  Scarlett told USA Today that being a part of charity work gives her the chance to “feel apart of the community” and “certainly your vanity is the last thing on your mind when you are traveling to places like this.”
    Apart from her work with Oxfam, Scarlett has also helped in other charities around the world; her work includes AIDs awareness in Rwanda, raising funds for cancer patients with ‘The City of Hope’ and donating shoes with ‘Soles4Souls.’  Perhaps the actress’s most famous charity was auctioning off herself.  That’s right, Miss Johansson was offering the highest bidder the lucky chance to meet her on the carpet for two of her films: He’s Just not that into You and We bought a Zoo.  A walk down the red carpet may be the shortest (and most expensive) date you ever go on, but it would mean linking arms with one of Hollywood’s most glamorous darlings…and it’s helping provide thousands of underprivileged school kids with lunches on the weekends.  A win/win situation.  Scarlett Johansson’s first auction date sold in the UK for 20,000 pounds.

Sexy Scarlett
    Scarlett Johansson’s charity contribution makes her as much a role model as a gorgeous woman.  We have all seen her on screen and in the press, but this 28 year-old captured us from a young age and will continue to be a Hollywood icon as she grows older.  Her first breakthrough came when she was 10 in the movie North, but it wasn’t until she began to make the transition to adult-geared movies that her career really took off. Girl with a Pearl Earring, Lost in Translation, Love Song for Bobby Long and Match Point all won her nominations for the Golden Globes and was awarded Best Actress in the BAFTAs for Lost in Translation.  Versatile with artistic and blockbuster hits alike, Johansson’s part in Iron Man II has everyone waiting for the much anticipated Avengers to be released in 2012.
    The fearlessness that Miss Johansson portrays as she donates her time with charities, takes on difficult acting roles, tries her hand at singing and stage acting—and comes off with a Tony Award—gives us obvious reasons why Scarlett Johansson has been voted one of the sexiest women alive.  
2006: Maxim ranks Scarlett #6 in Hot 100
2006: Esquire features Scarlett as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’
2007: Maxim ranks Scarlett #3 in Hot 100
2007: Playboy features Scarlett as the ‘Sexiest Celebrity’
2008: Maxim ranks Scarlett #2 in Hot 100
2010: GQ names Scarlett ‘Babe of the Year’
2011: Men’s Health ranks Scarlett #12 in ‘100 Hottest Women of all Time’

Catherine Elizabeth ‘Cat’ Deeley

By Natalie McConnel

    This British beauty has it all; drop-dead gorgeous looks, grace, and a smile that can wow European and American audiences alike.  You have probably seen Cat’s dazzling smile on So You Think You Can Dance and if you know anything about British television you would know her as the co-host with Ant & Dec on Saturday mornings.  While she was recognized early on for her modeling capabilities, Cat has spent her career being the face of famous products like Pantene Shampoo, hosting popular television shows and giving her time and energy to charities.

A little background…
    Growing up in England, the BBC was a household name and would eventually be the key to Cat’s stardom.  When she was just 14, Cat entered a competition to be on the BBC program The Clothes Show, and made it as far as the final round.  Despite this small setback, during the tryouts a modeling agency had taken notice of Cat’s sharp looks classic features and snatched her up for Storm Modeling Agency.  Working for the modeling business opened up a new world and new doors to Cat.  After leaving the agency when she was 21, Cat’s career really took off.
    Co-hosting famous British television shows, Cat won a coveted award at the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) ceremonies and began to be a household name.  Not many Brits can cross the pond and land on their feet in American media, but Cat did it with grace in 2006.  Now all you have to do is land on So You Think You Can Dance to get a glimpse of Cat’s famous blonde hair.  As the stars dance their way to the American public, it is Cat’s opinion that counts.

The Cat Inspires
    It doesn’t take a high IQ to figure out why Cat has become such a huge TV star and host.  Since her move to America, Cat has remained a big name in England and continues to be a beauty to contend with in the States. This star has spread her name across the board with her various guest appearances and host jobs.  Just take a look at her resume and you will have an idea of Cat’s show-biz success.
Nominated for Emmy Award in the ‘Outstanding Host’ category
Guest stars on Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Hosts on the prestigious morning show Live with Regis and Kelly
Presented the countdown to New Year’s Day in Times Square
Had the extreme honor of speaking in front of over 500 million people at the Concert for Diana in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales in England.
Had her own web-show called Behind the Scenes in honor of her hosting position on So You Think You Can Dance.
Cat Deeley continues to be a huge supporter of charities like UNICEF and is even a patron of the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.  Cat has visited various under-privileged counties in an effort to help improve poverty.  She is currently an UNICEF ambassador.